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What happens for people in the months and years after doing the VysionQuest?

A few different things normally happen for people after they've done the process and they go home.
One is that they're at home in themselves. And they can feel, you know, cause life does it... Life pulls you in different directions and there are distractions and there's your old life. There's a whole momentum, like a river of momentum of your old life.

So it takes power to change the momentum of that. And when you go home, you have a sense of when you're in your center. You have a sense of what it feels like to really be you and be connected and be operating as your BEING, as your purpose. Instead of as your personality or your habits or your reactions to things.

So, because you've gotten such a deep experience of feeling connected, you know when you're NOT connected. You know when you're not in your center. So you have a reference point probably for the first time in your life.
And when those situations come up and the reactions come up, you can stop blaming the people outside of you and the situations outside of you and stop asking everything else to change.
And come back into your center. And reconnect with who you are and your purpose and your vision.
And you have written down a crystal clear vision. There are a couple tools, a couple of key exercises that help you create a vision for the next five years of your life. What you want to be, do and have in the next five years.
And then another one that focuses on your character; the man or the woman that you are here to be and become. So you have these things to help keep you on track.
Another thing is that you've gotten so much clarity about your vision, that for some things it's enough. You've put out enough vibrational clarity and alignment with what this vision is that some things fall into your lap. And it seems magical. But this is what people experience.
And I get emails from people who come on retreats, you know, a year or two later in time, about the things that have happened. And they're like, "I don't know HOW this happened. I wrote it down."
And you know, one guy recently came and he said he wanted to be on the board of directors of a foundation that's doing good things in Africa. And he got that clarity. It was kind of like the first time he ever admitted that to himself. And then he went home and sent a few emails. And what he had to offer was a perfect fit for what they were looking for. And he was invited to be on their board of directors.
You know, this is like two weeks after the retreat.
This is something that if he had never done the retreat, he may never have gotten that clarity. Or maybe it would have been another year or two or three.

And now he's living this thing that's really meaningful for him and really fulfilling for him because he got that.
So some things will just fall into your lap.
Some things take a little bit of action, like that, where you have to kind of reach out and put it out there. And then the opportunity comes.

And then other things, you know, the bigger dreams, are going to take months or years of dedicated focus and consistent action, and overcoming fear and overcoming obstacles, until you reach that mountain.
But most people, they don't get such a clear vision to keep them on track and they'll go, "That's my mountain. I want that."
Even though it's not even really in alignment with their heart and their soul, they go, "I want that."
Some people walk all the way there and get it and go, "I don't even think I want this. Where's the next mountain?"
And they're just going from mountain to mountain of what they want.

Other people, you know, if they don't do this process or something like it, they see the mountain and they go, "That's what I want." And they start walking towards it.
And even if it IS in alignment with what they want, they don't have enough pieces of the puzzle to stay focused on it in the challenging times. And they lose their momentum and they give up or they get distracted and then have to start all over again.
Because you've taken the time during the process to get this much clarity, that's a huge part of causing change in your life.
But also you haven't just sat there and dreamed about it. You've put pen to paper numerous times about many subjects. And the important things have come up over and over, and you've crafted it and fit it together into this vision.

And you know, when you put pen to paper, that is a big recipe for magic. So you have this guide to lead you forward in your life and help you make decisions and help you stay focused on what's truly important.
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