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Purpose catalyst. Cancer survivor. Father. Surf bum :)
Often it comes after a big success. You achieve something you've been working towards for years. Maybe you gain some financial freedom. And you wonder what's next for you.
Or it comes after a big loss. Life rocks you and you wonder what it's all for.
Either way, you have a sense that there must be more to life. A sense that you have more to offer the world - if only you knew what that was. And you find yourself asking the bigger questions...
"Who am I?"

"What am I here to do?"
"Do I have a greater purpose?"

For me those questions came early in my life - when I was 21 years old and was diagnosed with leukemia.

At the time it was like a lightning bolt that shattered my world.

But like every curse it turned into a bigger blessing than I could have imagined. I got to see at a young age how temporary my life is, which gave me courage, and I started to connect with a guiding voice inside of me, which gave me clarity.

My adventure with cancer was an awakening experience and I was never the same.

Since that time I knew I wanted to help others have a similar experience of self-realization. The question was... how to do this without the life-threatening illness or accident? Fortunately, over the course of running 50+ life purpose retreats I found a way!
Retreat #1 - Aug 2010
Retreat #7 - Jun 2013
Retreat #14 - Aug 2014
Retreat #31 - Mar 2016
Retreat #55 - Sep 2020
Retreat #59 - July 2021
Or maybe it's more accurate to say that the way found me. A very special process emerged which I call The VysionQuest.
It lets you tune into the subtle whisper of your soul and discover what you truly want from life and what life truly wants from you. It takes you to a level of clarity that you have never had before. A level of clarity that CATALYZES your purpose and vision.
It's great for people who have achieved some success on the "first mountain" of life, and are now seeking more meaning, purpose and balance on the "second mountain" of life. I can't tell you what a blessing this process has been for me and the hundreds of participants I've gotten to guide through it (look at the reviews if you're curious).
If you are at a stage in life where you've had some success and now you're ready for deeper fulfillment, book a call with me.
If The VysionQuest is right for you, you'll just KNOW. Like it's tapping you on the shoulder :)
I look forward to connecting with you,
Rick Cowley
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