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I believe that you have a unique and important purpose for your life

I believe that you have a unique and important purpose for your life.
I believe that life WANTS you to fulfill your purpose — I mean, it's the reason life put you here on Earth — so life gave you natural talents and abilities and interests to help you do so.
I believe that everything that happens in your life is a gift — guiding you towards the fulfillment of your purpose.
The problem is that, after decades of fear-based influence by school, parents and society, you have become disconnected from your purpose (and the feeling of inspiration that led you moment by moment as a kid and made life so fun).
In my experience even most "successful" people are hurting because of this misalignment. You have money and "security" but you lack meaning and connection.
It affects everything — your relationships, your self-confidence, your decision-making, your happiness.
From the outside your life looks nice. But inside you're suffering.
Fortunately, there is a way out.
If you take some time away from the noise of daily life, connect deeply with yourself, and ask the right questions it's possible to discover what your true purpose is.
Not only that, but you can reveal a purpose-driven vision that's like a map to guide your life's decisions.
And this is the first key step that most personal growth programs and teachers skip.
First understand who you are and why you're here.
Then make the change or learn to be more effective.
Then leave the job/relationship or launch the business.
Then write the book or create the course.
With this deeper clarity you'll know what to do next that's going to feel happy and fulfilling, and that will actually enhance the other important areas of your life (like your close relationships and your health).
You'll also have the conviction to stop procrastinating and just effing DO IT.
This deep self-understanding is the beginning of walking your own true path in life and making the impact you were born to make.
Lots of love,
Rick Cowley
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