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What's the Time Commitment for the VysionQuest Online Course?

One of the questions that I get a lot is, "How much time does it take to do the online course?"
So I'm going to get into that now with this short video.

Basically, to give you a little background, I had to figure out how to put the content, the experience that I guide people through, on the VysionQuest retreats into an online course that you can do from home, do from anywhere in the world.

So those retreats are between five and eight days, and they're full on. They're not, you know, 24 hours a day. I give people downtime. But the content sessions, the VysionQuest sessions, we have a few of those every day. So I had to figure out how to spread those out and what duration worked best, how much time every day worked best.

And so after years of experimenting and trying out different durations, different times of day for you to do the work, how it is now is a super tight, powerful, effective process that takes 28 days. And the time commitment is one hour first thing in the morning. So the recommended time is from 5:30 to 6:30 AM. And I call that a Silent Sunrise Session.

And the reason that we do it so early is because it's before you've checked any messages, before you've talked to anyone, before you've kick-started your personality. And it's even good to do it when you're groggy, when you just roll out of bed.

So what that session looks like is: you get up, go to the bathroom, get a glass of water, brush your teeth, and you sit at your tidy workspace, light a candle. You have the app on your phone and you put headphones in and you sit there and close your eyes and breathe as I guide you through a meditative audio lesson that takes about 20 minutes. And then you spend the rest of that hour on a writing exercise in your workbook.

Here's the last time I did the process, my workbook. And so that takes an hour each morning for 28 days.

And then we do a weekly 90 minute group coaching call and those calls are recorded in case you can't make it. So the bare bones of it is one hour each morning for 28 days and a 90 minute weekly coaching call for four calls.

I also want to share with you... I sent my website out to a bunch of graduates for some feedback on it. And one of my graduates, who has referred a bunch of people, he said, "Remember that people don't want the shovel, they want the hole."

And I've got to say, what's so unique about this program is, yes, there's this end end goal for it, which is for you to have a crystal clear vision for the next phase of your life. And to get so much clarity that your life cannot stay the same. So much clarity that it catalyzes change and transformation in your life.

But what I want to say here is that you actually DO want the shovel. People end up loving the shovel too, which in this case is the process itself. Taking that hour out each morning to slow down, and tune in, and listen to the subtle whisper of your soul, and ask it questions, and be able to hear these answers clearly.

And to develop that skill of being able to connect like that and hear those answers clearly. And watch as the clarity comes out onto the page. It's such a beautiful and reconnecting process that people actually fall in love with the process itself, because they're falling back in love with themselves again.

And as it gets towards the end of the process... let's say at the beginning, those Silent Sunrise Sessions, they can be kind of hard to get out of bed. You really have to use your discipline and your will to do it.

But it doesn't take long before you start waking up before your alarm. And you're looking forward to these sessions. And every day is like a treasure hunt where you don't know what you're going to discover.

So there's this curiosity and inspiration and clarity and connection that's coming up to the surface. People actually start to feel towards the end of it, they're like, "I don't want it to end. I'm going to miss these Silent Sunrise Sessions."

So I feel like it's really important to say that that at the beginning, you know, people feel like, "Oh no, I don't know if I can do it in the mornings."

By the end of it you're going, "I don't want this to end. I'm loving these mornings."

And basically you need some time in your life, obviously, for these 28 days. So if it's a crazy time in your life, if you've got some massive project on and you're working 18 hour days, it's not going to work. You need some time to be able to do this, obviously.

But it is built for busy lives. The structure of it fits in well, even if you've got kids or little kids, you can wake up and start earlier than 5:30 if you need to. And many of my participants do that. They'll start at 4:30.

So, that's what it takes.

Let me know if you have any questions. Reach out. I'm running these VysionQuest 28 day online courses. I'm going to start running them more consistently. So just check the website for the upcoming dates.

Alright. Lots of love. Bye.

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Author: Rick Cowley
Creator of the VysionQuest
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