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If You Want Change Don't Just Read Another Book or Watch Another TED Talk

Hello. If you are really at a crossroads in your life, you know, one of those times when you just KNOW something's got to change, and either you're not sure exactly what, or you've been procrastinating, You've been putting it off, you've been feeling afraid...

Then reading another book or watching another TED Talk is actually a negative impact in your life.

And I love reading books from the safety of my couch and with my highlighter and going through it and feeling inspired and getting ideas. I don't watch TED Talks so much, but sometimes I'll watch inspiring YouTube videos.

Everyone has their thing that they feel, "Hey, I'm learning here and I'm growing a bit and I'm feeling a bit inspired." But the dangerous thing in my opinion with that is that you just get a sense of relief. And it's really rare that you actually get enough new clarity or connection to tip your life in a new direction. And that actually crystallizes change in your life.

So I want to explain a little bit about why a process like the VysionQuest is so important. Because it's an interruption. There are a few key elements that make it so effective.

And the first is that it interrupts the patterns in your life. And this is whether you do it on the retreat or on the 28 day online course. But you're interrupting some habits. You are giving up stimulants like caffeine and giving up depressants like alcohol.

So you're able to tune in and hear the subtle whisper of your soul. And the fact of interrupting those things also shows you how many unconscious actions and decisions you're taking each day that have nothing to do with your wellbeing or your purpose or your vision or your happiness or your fulfillment.

So we start to interrupt those and then there's this space. It's kind of uncomfortable. It's like, "What do I do now? If I don't reach for the coffee or the beer, what do I do?" So then you find out what you do in that space.

Another key element is that we do the work in Silent Sunrise Sessions. It's first thing in the morning, an hour each morning. And you are showing yourself and the universe that you are going to spend the first part of your waking day focused and reconnecting with yourself and doing what is most important to you. And this is powerful.

You're reprogramming your own view of yourself and that's what the universe responds to: who you are.

And then it's the combination in those Silent Sunrise Sessions of slowing everything down, breathing, and doing a guided meditative audio lesson and a writing exercise.

I say it over and over: This process is not about filling you up with ideas. But that's what most of us are doing when we feel like we're unhappy or we want to make changes. We consume more ideas. We get another book, we watch more videos.

And from what I've seen that's not the solution to finding your true path in life. It actually is the opposite where you have to interrupt things, make stillness, make space, and then listen to a deeper part of you and get actual information about where life wants you to go. Who are you? And what are you hearing?

So it's the combination of those elements that make the VysionQuest an actual experience. A transformational experience. Rather than just a pacifying thing of consuming a bit more information and reading another book and watching another video. And then a month goes by and six months goes by and a year goes by and five years go by...

And you feel like you're still not walking your true path in life.

I don't want to see anyone get to the end of their lives and have to look back and just go, "I didn't do what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't take the time to get clear. I didn't know how to get clear or I was too afraid to do it."

This process exists. I want you to know that it exists. That's it. Lots of love. Have a great day. Bye.

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Author: Rick Cowley
Creator of The VysionQuest
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