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How Post-its Helped Me Create the VysionQuest Process

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my office. Step into my office. I'm going to start making videos more regularly.
And in this first one I'm going to be talking about the post-its that are on my office wall. This is like a third floor loft with a slanted ceiling there. So you can see I can even put post-its on the ceiling. But when I do calls with people, they see the post-its in the back and often ask me about it.

So I thought I'd start this video, with how the post-its work for me and what these post-its specifically are. So when I've got to create something, to organize my thoughts, it's even better for me than putting it in a document on the computer. Sometimes I'll start the brainstorm there, but then when I have the different sections that I want to work with, the easiest thing for me to do is put them up on the wall and write out the header and be able to rearrange them.

And it's been really powerful for organizing the VysionQuest process, because it's all about the sequence. The work that I do, which I'll explain in a second. But you might like that so I encourage you to get a stack of post-its. I have different colors for different things. And then I've got about 50 Sharpie markers that I use for the retreats that are all different colors, but you can use that to write on there and organize your project or your life with post-its on the wall.

Then for these post-its specifically, this is the 28 day, or 28 module, VysionQuest process that I guide people through on the retreats or on the online course. And the reason that the post-its worked so well for this is because these are the names of the writing exercises that we do. Obviously the quality of the exercises is really important, but I think what makes the VysionQuest process so powerful, and kind of the secret sauce of it, is the sequence of it.

Because the most important questions you are not going to find the answers to straight away. You know, things like your purpose or your mission for your life. Because there's the sense of fear that we have. The fear doesn't want you to get clear on those most important things in your life, because that's going to be the catalyst for change.

It's like, once you get that clarity, then you can't not change, your life cannot stay the same. Yeah. The fear's going to do what it can to kind of sabotage you and give you just enough clarity that you get excited, or you get some relief, but then it's not enough to hit that tipping point where your life actually starts to change.

So what I've found is a way that you can use these "sneakret" exercises, you can get in there "sneakretly" - that's a term that my son, when he was five, came up with for attacking his sister, but it describes what this process does. So you start with the more gentle exercises that get you into... well, there's a certain sequence with appreciation and inspiration and then your purpose and then your dreams and your vision.

So I could rearrange the exercises here as I reworked the workbook really easily. And I've tried it at over 50 retreats and multiple groups in the online course to rearrange these exercises.

And so obviously when it's posted on the wall, it's really easy to do that and just kind of see where they're going to land. And the blue post-its, those are the mornings on the retreats. I do five night retreats in Australia and those are the mornings. So there's certain exercises that are best done first off in the day.

Alright. That's my little explanation on post-its. I look forward to making more videos for you guys. Lots of love. Bye.

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Author: Rick Cowley
Creator of the VysionQuest
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