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A Story to Remind You of Life's Magic

Good morning. I've got a little story from my life that I'd like to share that reminds us of the magic in life. And there's actually a lot of points that are going to come across in this little story.
And I hope that it reminds you to slow down, feel and follow your inspiration, and to act on it and watch the magic unfold.

And this ties into actually why you're watching this video right now, because you know, I haven't been doing many videos lately.

So, this begins about two weeks ago and one of the main projects in my life right now in my work is to reach out to podcasters, to be a guest on their podcast and share my message about discovering your soul's vision and surfing life.

And I had a list in a note on my, on my laptop, of podcasters that I would like to reach out to. And I've had that for a little while. And then there was one name that came into my head that I put down on that list. And it's this online business coach named James Schramko.

And he's been a coach of one of my clients, Adam Guthrie, and so I've been listening to his podcast for a few years and following some of his business coaching advice. And I use the online course platform that he recommends called 10XpPro. I switched to that about maybe four years ago also, thanks to Adam.

So I write his name down. I type it in the note. And then the next morning my girlfriend, who lives down the street from me, sends me a message and says, she's going to go to the beach. The sun rises at like 4:30 right now on the Sunshine Coast. So I meet her down at the beach nice and early.

And the surf's tiny so I didn't take a board down. I'm just swimming in the shallows with her. And I see this guy come in and he looks like James, who I just recognized, you know, from his podcast videos. And and he walks by and I go, it really looks like him. So I say, "Hey, are you James?"

And he pauses and kind of looks at me to see if he knows me. He doesn't know me. And he goes, "Yeah."

And I introduce myself and say, "Hey, my name's Rick. I'm friends with Adam, one of your clients, and he's a client of mine, and nice to meet you. I've been listening to your stuff for a while. And I just want to say hi. Do you live here now? What are you doing here?"

And he goes, "Yeah, I moved here a while ago from Sydney and I'm based here now."

And I said, "Cool. That's great. Nice to meet you. Maybe we'll see each other surfing."

And then later that day I found him on Facebook and I sent him a message and just said, "Hey."

And he added me to this group of a couple of guys in the area that are surfers, like a little surf chat group. And then it was the next day or two days later I met him down at the beach. We went surfing. And since then I've been surfing a few days a week with him and going out in waves that I normally wouldn't go surfing in because I'm freaking spoiled from living in Bali.

That's been one of the biggest adjustments of living now on the Sunshine Coast where the waves are pretty mediocre most of the time. But James is super keen to surf. He is one of the most dedicated surfers that I know. And so he messages and says, "I'm going out in the morning if anyone wants to."

So I've been meeting him down there to go surf. And then, you know, of course when we're out there, I was a surf coach in a previous life, so I'm giving him pointers on surfing and he's giving me pointers with business. And one of them was, "Hey, you should do a daily video and just help people, help people put your message out there."

And I'm like, "Fuck, I know I should. I know I should." It just took someone's encouragement like that to do it. So that's why I'm telling you this story.

So one of the other points that I wanted to share was the power of writing things down, because I wrote down his name and then the next day - I didn't even know he'd moved to the Sunshine Coast - and the next day he's standing in front of me. I introduced myself and now we see each other a few times a week.

So it's just, life is so fricken amazing. The magic that's swirling underneath the surface is just waiting for the opportunity to come up and play with us and guide us and make the magic happen in our lives.

I just wanted to share that story with you. If you've got any stories like that from recent, put them in the comments. I'd love to hear them. I love stories like that. Stories of synchronicity.

It's a big theme in the VysionQuest work. I call it "surfing life". How do you align with the waves? How do you be in the right place at the right time?So you do more with less effort? You're more aligning with the power of life - and especially the power of your purpose. Because I believe that you have a unique purpose and that life wants you to fulfill it. So there's always energy moving in the direction of your purpose.

And you can either fight those waves, struggle against them, get clobbered and hammered. Or you can learn to be in the right place and ride those waves. And that's what the VysionQuest work does, in helping you clarify what that vision is, clarify your purpose, so then you can be in the right place at the right time and surf life's waves.

So I just wanted to shout out to Adam, who I also reconnected with recently, and James Schramko. Thanks for the encouragement to do these videos. Looking forward to many more surfs. And I'm looking forward to working with many of you people who are listening to this right now.

Alright. Lots of love. Have a great day. Here's to the magic. Bye.

Adam Guthrie teaches people to have a plant based lifestyle. I Feel Good >
James Schramko coaches people with online businesses. SuperFast Business >
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