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May 2021 VysionQuest Australia Retreat - Reviews

Another VysionQuest Retreat in Australia finished a few days ago. What a beautiful journey. Here are some words from the participants.
"I have gained so much more than I ever imagined before coming to this retreat. My self worth is through the roof and I am so clear on where my life is heading. Truly one of the best weeks of my life."
- Sam Black

"I'm a very shy person but felt like these people and this retreat was home. It was the most surreal feeling ever. Now I feel refreshed, re-directed, re-born and like a new person full of love and positivity. If you are on the fence, I definitely was on the fence too. I thought, "This is just another gimmick,"...No... it's life changing!
- Matt Wild

"I've done hundreds of business plans over the years but never has one been able to get into as much depth and soul as the plan I created at VysionQuest. I truly believe this is what I needed. Just do it. Don't overthink it. Just do it."
- Donna Wild

"The VQ process was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt a sense of belonging in such a warm, inclusive and trusting environment. The self doubt and fear I brought with me has been replaced by an overpowering sense of clarity with who I am as a person, my place in the world and the journey I am on to use my talents to achieve my life purpose."
- Darren Hall

"I've done different personal and spiritual growth retreats before but VysionQuest has impacted my life tremendously. Every little detail touched my heart. The way Rick guided me and the group step by step was just amazing. I found myself again, found my true north again, and have conviction about where I'm going."
- Alba Liliana Mora

"The workbook is like a combination of all my jumbled thoughts organized into a road map to lead me towards my destination - my life purpose. It's now the most precious thing I own. If you are on the fence about coming then you are probably the one who this will really help to refine and define where it is you would life to take you. I was once a fence sitter. Not anymore."
- Tash McCarty

"I came to VysionQuest because I no longer knew myself. I felt empty, without purpose or conviction. The VQ process was like a SOUL MASSAGE 🙂 Put yourself first and explore VysionQuest because it's every little bit of personal love and respect and development you need no matter WHAT you are going through."
- Alexia Jankowski

"I have gained a vision of self worth and the courage to face what opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead on my life journey. I would recommend the VQ retreat to anyone that needs clarity, support, and a vision for their lives."
- Andy Ralphs
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