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6 Months Later: "I'm working less and making more - in all areas of my life."

This is an email sent to me by a business broker named Mark 6 months after his VysionQuest Retreat in Australia, shared here with his permission. The love in this message moved me to tears.

I'm always hesitant to document the retreats or even share testimonials from VysionQuest participants because the process is deeply personal. The safe and private space is one of the things that makes it so powerful.
However, when you hear from a past participant it gives you a better understanding of the process and if it's something that could help you too.
Plus my participants put the VysionQuest experience into words much better than I do!

Mark's email:

Rick, many thanks for the 6 month review prompt. I have been sitting on this to truly reflect and also to allow something to come into my realm over the past 2 weeks.

I know I mentioned at our 6 month reunion that I was working less and making more. That comment was not just reflective of my work situation yet rather a comment about my entire life. Since the VysionQuest retreat it seems that I have not had to work too hard on any aspect of my life and yet it seems I have sailed into calm and free flowing waters at every turn.

My work is better - all things rolling to plan I will have my best year ever and from where I was in September to where the financial year will end will be light-years in difference. So many things have happened and one of the reasons I have waited a couple of extra weeks to reply is that over this time I have been able to negotiate my biggest deal ever (yes albeit at contract stage at the moment - settlement is planned for end of May).

This settlement along with the others that have happened since Jan/Feb will deliver my best earnings year since I started in this profession 11 years ago. Yet it's not just the completion of the deals that has flowed, it is also the new listings that have flowed in giving me an exceptional pipeline of opportunity for the first part of the next financial year. All this at a time when the economy hasn't been great and that banks have restricted lending to businesses and so many other negatives pushing against a result like I have.

How and why, I can't explain. I feel more relaxed, more at ease and trusting in myself. I know I have probably worked just as hard (if not harder) as I have previously yet it doesn't feel that way. As you would say, I have been riding the wave, been allowing of things to happen and prepared for them.... Just seems easy, and I certainly don't mean that in a grandstanding way at all, it is just flowing and long may that continue.

My personal life - whilst it's always been very good I have found my relationships with family and friends easier to maintain, easier to make happen, more meaningful and full of lots of laughter and good times. Life with Linda is great - how could it not be with a lady like that.

We have also become grandparents for the first time which has given us new roles of being "Nan & Pa" to a gorgeous little boy whom we just think the world of. Nobody can prepare you for what you feel as you become a grandparent. You see your own children in a different light and you somehow gain a new, next level of love for that new generation, a level of love that you thought wasn't possible, finding that extra gear which is just totally unbelievable. It is amazing and all I can say is that I do hope one day you too can experience what it is to be a grandparent. Just amazing.

Linda and I whilst not wanting to place any pressure or expectation on our other children can't wait for what we hope will be a further "rollout" of more grandchildren.... That is not in our hands and we will accept what we currently have and support and love our entire family and just see what happens on that front.

Our family remains a nice, loving group of amazing individuals and couples who are all striving forward - again it all just seems to be happening in an easy flowing and caring way. I have probably even found it easier to just simply recognise this and take stock of the absolute gift that I have in my family.

My life in general is just easier - what seems to be working less on everything and reaping more. I know that it is probably the same, as I think we all work hard on all aspects of our life, yet for now I am co-creating with the great flow.

As I sit here and write this I have just looked up and glanced at the Vision-Board that Linda and I created which is in our study and it is the place I work pretty much everyday. We did this on 1st Jan this year - and if I really think back to when all of this started happening for me, maybe it was from that time. A powerful visualisation of my/our intentions. We have it titled "We are Co-Creating with the Great Flow" and nothing could be a truer statement than that.

So Rick, am I believer? You bet I am and maybe even more than I was 6 months ago (and that is not saying I wasn't back then, it just has gone to a new (easier) level!!!!!! Thank-you for further awakening me and my soul.

All the best,

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