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Matt Bennett's real life transformation after VysionQuest

6 months after every VysionQuest Retreat I check in with the participants to see what's happening for them. I got a great email from Matt Bennett in Australia.
A few of his highlights:
- Better relationships
- Having way more fun
- Regular exercise - lost 19 kgs
- Got a great job - with way less time away and a salary higher than advertised!
- Bought his first new car
The amazing thing is that Matt nearly left the retreat on the second day because he felt like it was too uncomfortable... all these people being REAL... it wasn't for him.
(The fear will tell you ANYTHING to prevent change. You've got to tune into the love instead!)
Fortunately he found the courage to stay and complete the VysionQuest process. The man that arrived on Day 1 was not the same man that left on Day 6!
The word "transformation" is so overused and cheesy... but that's what it was! It was a privilege to watch.
For the first time in 50+ retreats I decided to give an award for "biggest transformation".
On the final morning when I surprised Matt with the award, along with our ceramic green tree frog mascot, we were both moved to tears. (That's the picture above.) It was one of my all-time favorite VysionQuest moments.
I'm very grateful that Matt took the time to write his inspiring story and gave me permission to share it with you now...
Good morning Rick,
I'm sitting here on a slightly chilly morning, listening to the whistling ducks begin to make their strange calls for the day. I really wanted to return to you some of my experiences, so I put your email on my to-do list. Now it's the perfect time to reflect!
Since the retreat:
Tell you what man, I came out firing!!! Everything was just so much better.
My conversations with family and friends took on a different level of kindness and less judgment. I didn't realise how much I did that before and how much space that shit filled my mind.
I continued with my exercise and began hanging out with or going on hikes with some people from the group. I spent time with Amy and Alex doing a yoga sesh on the beach at Noosa, dinner with Lupita and Carolyn on the Gold Coast, group hike with Steves family, Angie, Lupita and her partner. Actually lot of time chatting and hanging out with Bec, Alex, and especially Steve. I was really just having great times all around and felt so fulfilled.
It got to the point I thought "Am I having too much fun? Should I be achieving? Is THIS what achieving is???"
Some doubt started creeping in!
But some wise words from a friend (you) put things into perspective for me:
"I say enjoy your happiness. Ride that wave as long as possible. When it's time for you to ACHIEVE again it will be obvious and you'll be ready. That time will come naturally. You've worked hard for much of your life. Enjoy what you've created now."
So I kept on truckin'!!!
I have kept my exercise regime going and completed a 10km trail race with my youngest son around the base of Mt Beerwah it was pretty brutal but another accomplishment and I recently completed my first half marathon (21.5 km) also with my youngest son at a respectable time of 2hrs and 5mins! Not bad for a 46 yr old who weighed 19kgs more only 30months ago.
I started browsing SEEK out of interest to see what was out there. I am lucky to be in a good financial position, so it wasn't really crucial to take any job to get some cash. More what spiked my interest.
When I resigned from my last job after 8 years, I was bitter, burnt out and close to a breakdown. (Come to think of it, maybe I was having one.) I was NOT going back into working on a drilling rig or project management and I was not going to work remotely ever again!!!
I saw this job as an HSE advisor. Based in Hendra, 40 mins drive from my house. Periodic site visits reporting to the HSE manager. Not having worked as an HSE advisor before, but having worked alongside that department and also having those qualifications, I applied for it! And got an interview 2 weeks later.
I met with the Australian country manager (it's a global company) for a face to face and it went really well. I liked what I heard and the conditions ticked the boxes for me. He actually put me through to the next round of interviews right there!
The next round was with the global HSE director over a TEAMS call as he was based in London. As with my initial meeting, it also went amazing and finished really well. 4 days later I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It actually has worked out a lot better than it sounded at my interview. They have put me on a salary higher than what was advertised, I am home every day at 4:30 pm, I only report to the AU country manager. My site visits and time away planned by myself. Nothing more than 7 days away per month. Friggan perfect.
Another great moment, last Wednesday I ordered my first brand new car I've ever owned! A Toyota Prado. It gets here in late June, early July. It felt right to do it and... I fucking deserve it.
Still nothing on the partner side of things, but I am just living my life and I know it will happen when it's meant to. "Trust the process"
Wow, that was six months since the retreat! Who am I??? lol.
I was the guy that passed when we first had to share at the table. Really unsure of myself and, a little broken. But looking back, one of the best things I have ever done for myself was to walk through the doors of that VysionQuest retreat. Now I'm winning at life. (As well as winning my retreat LOL.)
Well, that's me mate, that's where I'm at.
The sun has crept through now and all the birds around here are going off the hook!!! Such a nice morning! And it will be another awesome day. A few of the VQ group are meeting at the Kawana surf club this afternoon for dinner. A bit of a late birthday celebration for Ross and Alex and a get-together because they missed the gathering at Mark and Lindas.
Take care Rick, I know I will talk to you again.
All the Best,


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