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How do you quantify "Walking Your True Path"?

A simple and often shocking way to quantify *Walking Your True Path* is to look at how many hours per day you are spending on things that are joyful or meaningful to you.
Some other ways to look at it are:
How many hours per week are you spending...

- Being yourself?
- Fulfilling your purpose?
- Uplifting and empowering others?
- Creating what inspires you?
- Doing what you really want to do with your time and your life?
- Co-creating with the Great Flow!?
- In terms of work, doing things that you would do whether or not you were getting paid to do them?

What can be shocking about the hours-per-day reality thing is realizing how many hours out of 24 are you CURRENTLY spending on what's joyful or meaningful to you... and spending on what's NOT.

Have the courage to review your last 3 days and count it up.

Is that the ratio you want to have at the end of your life?

It's great to have big dreams and accomplishments but our lives are really just our day to day, hour to hour experience. All the little decisions you make and actions you take. And who you are while doing you FEEL.

For many of us this is a powerful wake up call. It was for me. Still is sometimes.

Like, "Whoa, if I'm spending so little time on the fun or purposeful things, am I really living MY life? If not, whose life am I living?"

"And WHY!?"

"And will I spend the rest of my life like this?"

And then you have ask,

"What's stopping me from changing?"

In all my years of doing this VysionQuest work the most common barrier is a lack of clarity... a lack of true self-understanding.

You don't KNOW who you are, what you're really here to do, or what's truly important to you.

But you have the answers. They are inside of you.

When you bring this clarity to the surface of your awareness, it's a catalyst that can work magic in your life.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to get this clarity on your own because of your hidden, fearful, disempowering beliefs.

The VysionQuest is a proven formula to silence the fear and get a level of clarity and self-understanding that you have never had before and spend MOST of your waking hours walking your true path.

Lots of love,

Rick Cowley

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