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Transform Your Life with Clarity from Your Core
Find a purpose-driven vision that takes your life and work to the next level. Experience more magic, meaning and fulfillment along the way.
Free VysionReset Course
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Find a purpose-driven vision that takes your life and work to the next level. Experience more magic, meaning and fulfillment along the way.
Free VysionReset Course
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Your Journey of Self-Discovery
Welcome to VysionQuest, where we go way beyond traditional goal setting to uncover the essence of who you are.
VysionQuest is for people who have tasted success but feel there must be something more to life. A calling that's yet to be answered. Whether you're burned out, at a crossroads, or simply seeking contentment, our process guides you to a level of clarity that you've never experience before.
Rick Cowley on the Unemployable Podcast with Adam Hudson
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Hi, I'm Rick Cowley, the creator of VysionQuest
My own adventure with mortality (leukemia at 21) inspired me to create a system where others could wake up to the value of this precious, temporary life - and figure out what they're meant to do with it.
Life-Changing Clarity:
The VysionQuest Process
VysionQuest takes you through a carefully crafted 7-stage process that combines guided meditation, introspective journaling, and immersive experiences to help you find not just answers for your future, but guidance that resonates with your soul.
Two Ways to Experience It
VysionQuest Retreats
Next Retreat: Hawaii, July 21-27, 2024
Our retreats are intensive immersions, just under a week long, in beautiful locations around the world, where you'll work closely with me and a small group of like-minded high achievers.
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VysionQuest Virtual
Next Cohort: TBA
The 28-day VysionQuest Virtual Cohort covers the exact same content as the Retreat, delivered in a format that fits into busy lives, and experienced in the comfort of your home.
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VysionQuest is more than a program
It's a catalyst for profound inner awakening, designed to uncover who you are, what you want and what you're really here to do.
Participants' Results
VysionQuest specializes in helping people find the clarity and courage to bring "impossible" dreams into reality, for example...
Alicia Albright got booked as an original cast member of Frozen on Broadway.
"I honestly don't think I would have fulfilled this dream if it wasn't for the VysionQuest."
Adam Hudson created an education company with 15,000 students & sponsored 3268 eye surgeries.
"I've done Rick's retreat twice. It is truly life-changing."
Jones Tchiakpe became host & producer of the longest running radio show in Switzerland.
"VysionQuest gives you the tools to follow your dreams."
Joanne Stone founded a successful jewelry company in Miami.
"Sure I have my moments but since my VysionQuest the door of prosperity opened and keeps expanding."
Harrison Gilbertson booked lead roles in 9 feature films and tv shows.
"Rick, thank you for your impact on my life."
James and Ingrid bought a Gold Coast hinterland BnB - good for grandkids to visit!
"My appreciation for what you have given us holds more power than you can ever know."
Attorney Jeanette Lodwig moved to Hawaii and founded a tea company.
"Rick, thanks for your rare combination of soul-piercing depth and total goofiness."
Dean Murphy sold his business and sailed around the world with his family.
"I did the VysionQuest because I had become bored with my life, with no real direction."
Heather Hobbs moved to Costa Rica, founded a YTT company, bought land and had a baby.
"It felt so good to remember what is truly important to me."
Simone Palladino launched a family business in Brazil.
"The VysionQuest is so different to anything I've ever done. I have no words to thank you."
Jamie Bade built and runs an alternative school on Bali.
"Before I felt stuck... but Rick helped me discover how much I have to offer to the world."
Australian Tony Laughton bought his dream retirement home in France.
"I got so much clarity I cried... I have been so so lost and I can finally see a path."
Rick's unique approach - coupled with being a cancer survivor - helps you grab the gift life is with both hands and make the most of it.
Alex Ranieri
Founder of High Performance Father
Whenever I need to refocus, realign, and step into some bigger dreams, VQ provides the inspiration & container to go to the next level.
Carmen Marshall
Founder of SoulCraft™
VysionQuest guides you to face your fears and find your future. A beautifully structured and rewarding experience.
James Schramko
Business Mentor
Rick is an elevated soul moving big things quietly in the background. Those who know, know. x
Adam Hudson
Serial Entrepreneur
If you think you have done enough "personal development things", believe me – VysionQuest is different. Just do it.
Katrin Gray
Founder of Mermaid Kat
VysionQuest was the highlight of my year. Rick, thank you for your impact on my life. I will be forever grateful.
Harrison Gilbertson
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